In brightest day, in blackest night... Oh. Bad time?
— Green Lantern's first line when entering the game
Time to go green!
— Green Lantern's second line when entering the game
The guardians sent me.
— Green Lantern's third line when entering the game

Hal Jordan, AKA Green Lantern, is a protagonist from DC Comics. He comes in a Fun Pack. His Vehicle is Green Lantern Jet (from LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham).


DC Comics-- Gotham/Metropolis


  • Digging (Shovel Construct)
  • Flight
  • Grapple (Rope Construct)
  • Illumination
  • Laser Deflection (Shield Construct)
  • LEGO Constructs
  • Magical Shield
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Missile Construct)
  • Super Strength (Fist Construct)
    • Super Strength Handles
  • Target


Ah shoot, I'm late for lunch with Carol! See ya later!
— Green Lantern's first line when leaving the game
Just remember, keep your willpower intact.
— Green Lantern's second line when leaving the game
Looks like I'm needed elsewhere. Likely on another planet. So... bye!
— Green Lantern's third line when leaving the game
I think I like my version of space travel better!
— Green Lantern's first line in the Vortex
Next time, I'll just form a jet... or something!
— Green Lantern's second line in the vortex
In brightest day, in blackest night, let no evil escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!
— Green Lantern's idle line
As lone as it's not yellow, I'll keep a safe eye on it.
— Green Lantern's line when getting a collectable
That's the thing about willpower. It's relentless!
— Green Lantern's line when respawning
Size doesn't matter if you don't got the willpower to match.
— Green Lantern to a Big-Fig or when entering any mech
This ring isn't illogical. It's emotional. Big difference.
— Green Lantern to Mr. Spock
Yeah, trust me. I've definitely had my fair share of alien encounters.
— Green Lantern to Agent K, Agent J, or Ellen Ripley
Don't try to pass yourself off as a kid. This ring can see right through your facade! ...Also your green skin was kind of a giveaway.
— Green Lantern to Zim
Ollie! Looking good in green, as always.
— Green Lantern to Green Arrow
Supergirl!? Since when did you become a Red Lantern!?
— Green Lantern to Red Lantern Supergirl
Bats, is that you? You look uh... Different, to say the least.
— Green Lantern to Excalibur Batman
One ring to rule them all, huh? Hope it's a green ring and not a yellow one. Or orange. Or red.
— Green Lantern to Gandalf
No offense, dude, but... I kinda liked you better in green.
— Green Lantern to Lloyd
Okay, this is one case where green isn't very flattering...
— Green Lantern to the Wicked Witch
So this is the Batmobile, huh? Nice. But, if it were me, I'd make it green.
— Green Lantern's line when riding the Batmobile
Hope Diana doesn't mind me borrowing this. Just need to remember where I park it...
— Green Lantern's line when riding the Invisible Jet
Sorry, but no fear-striking while I'm around!
— Green Lantern's line when riding the Terror Dog


  • Green Lantern is voiced by Josh Keaton who voiced him in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

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