Pops is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions. He is one of the main characters of the Regular Show franchise, and appears in the Regular Show Team Pack with Rigby.


Pops is the lollipop humanoid who works in the Park and is the son of Mr. Maellard.


Regular Show: the Park


  • Wrestle strength
  • surf attack
  • lollipop attack
  • archery (lollipops)
  • targets (lollipops)
  • huge head transform: super strength, silver brick break, glass break, item throw (throws any breakable item)


"Jolly good show for adventure!"
-Pops' first line when entering the game
"Marvelous world!"
-Pops' second line when entering the game
"Anything to help in a battle."
-Pops' third line when entering the game
Ta ta
Pops' first line when leaving


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