Rigby is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions. He is one of the main characters of the Regular Show franchise, and comes in the Regular Show Team Pack with Pops.


Rigby is one of the main characters from the Cartoon Network t.v series Regular Show.He works at the park along with Mordecai.Although their jobs are anything but regular.They fight demons,aliens,ghost and many other evil things.


Regular Show: the Park


  • Death Punch
  • Strength
  • jumping
  • underwater swimming


"WOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I can handle a battle!"
-Rigby's first line when entering the game
"Ah, yeah, time to rescue the multiverse!"
-Rigby's second line when entering the game
"Hmm, hmm, I can totally fight back!"
-Rigby's third line when entering the game
"No one can handle my awesome fury with Mordecai!"
-Rigby's first when in combat
"Do not send in any Timenados, you!"
-Rigby's second line when in combat
"You guys are not gonna fall for any tricks!"
-Rigby's third line when in combat
"Is that Marshmallow-like guy huge?!"
-Rigby when seeing Stay Puft
Rigby when seeing Mordecai
That Sucked
Rigby when respawing