Spongebob Squarepants appears in a LEGO Dimensions Story Pack for the SB franchise.


  • Bikini Bottom


  • Boomerang (Spatula)
  • Big Transform (Invincibubble)
    • Super Stregnth
    • Silver LEGO Blow-Up (Bubble Beam)
    • Shield
  • Dive
  • Flight (Inflatable Pants)
  • Hazard Cleaner
  • Mini Access
  • Sonar Smash (Annoying Laugh)
  • Water Spray
    • Growth
  • Drone (Gary)


  • "I'm ready!" - first line when entering the game"
  • "Time to bring it around town!" - second line when entering the game
  • "Another day, another dollar! [laughs]" -third line when entering the game
  • "I gotta get home to feed Gary!" - first line when leaving the game
  • "Uh...I just remembered, I'm late for work!" - second line when leaving the game
  • "Aw barnacles! It's over already?!" - third line when leaving the game
  • "I'm flying! I'm flying! I'm really really flying!" - while traveling through the vortex
  • "Ooh! Treasure!" - when obtaining a collectible
  • "Stand back! I know Ka-Ra-TAY! - during a fight
  • "Whoa! You're even bigger than Pearl!" - while riding a mech or when meeting a giant character
  • "You don't need a license to drive a sandwich!" - while riding the Patty Wagon
  • "This feels like riding Mermaid Man's Invisible Boatmobile, only this thing can fly!" - while riding the Invisible Jet
  • "Surfing on air? What'll they think of next?" - while riding the Hover Board
  • "This reminds me that time-traveling booth Plankton and I once made!" - while riding the TARDIS
  • "Hey, Patrick! How's it going pal?" - while meeting Patrick
  • "Plankton?! I hope you're not stealing the secret formula this time!" - while meeting Plankton
  • "So, you run a restaurant called the 'Krusty Burger'? Boy is Mr. Krabs gonna sue you!" - while meeting Krusty the Clown
  • ""Mermaid Man, is that you?! Wait, you look too young to be Mermaid Man!" - while meeting Aquaman
  • "Aah! A ghost! He must be a member of the Flying Dutchman's crew!" - while meeting Slimer
  • "I see you love sandwiches so much! Ever tried a Krabby Patty?" - while meeting Scooby-Doo
  • "Mmmm! Marshmallows! Just like the astronauts eat!" - while meeting Stay Puft


  • While Tom Kenny reprises his role for quote outside levels, archive audio is used for the levels.
  • His quote towards the TARDIS references the time travel scene from Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out Of Water.

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