Steve (Minecraft)

Steve is the protagonist of the Minecraft Franchise). He comes in the Minecraft Level Pack.


Minecraft-- Overworld


  • Character Changing Ability (Can change to Alex and the skins in the Minecraft Skin packs)
  • Deflection Ability (Uses shield)
  • Illumination Ability (Uses torch)
  • Target Ability (Uses bow and arrows)
  • Mine Ability (Can mine Minecraft blocks)
  • Weapon Switch Ability (Sword, Axe, Hoe, Pickaxe, Bow, Shovel, and Potion)
  • Stealth (Uses Pumpkin Head)
  • Dig (Uses Shovel)
  • Master Build 



  • He is a minifigure version of his design in LEGO Minecraft packs.

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