Here are some playable character interactions quotes I came up with or either liked from my favourite films or tv shows.

The Avengers (1960s)

  • "Catwoman why are... Oh sorry  Maam, I thought you were an old enemy of mine"  - Batman's line when seeing Emma Peel.

  •    "Steed!"  '- Emma Peel's line when seeing John Steed

  • "Cybernaut?"  - Emma Peel's line when seeing Cyberman.


  •     "Mrs. Peel, we're needed". -John Steed's line when seeing Emma Peel

  • "Tara!!!". - John Steed's line when seeing Tara King

  •   "Mrs. Gale!" - John Steed's line when seeing Cathy Gale 

  • "Oh Steed!" - Tara King's line when seeing John Steed

  • How are you, Steed?  - Cathy Gale's line when seeing John Steed

 *   "Purdey?" - John Steed and Mike Gambit's line to Purdey    

  • John Steed and Emma Peel" how wonderful to meet you again" - Batman (Adam West) line when seeing John Steed or Emma Peel

The X Files

  • "Ghostbusters? there's no such things as ghosts" - Dana Scully's line when seeing a Ghostbusters member. 


  •  "We've seen alot of weird things but this is the most ridiculous"- Dana Scully when seeing Unikitty

  • "This must be a joke surely"  - Dana Scully when seeing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer.  

  • "Santa Claus?" - Dana Scully's line when seeing Santa

  • "Oh no not you again!. Your story was the worst investigation we ever solved".  - Dana Scully's line when seeing Homer Simpson. 

  • "An Alien? nonsense you're Human" - Dana Scully's line when seeing Superman and Supergirl. 

  • "How can you be 2 different people at the same time?" - Dana Scully's line when seeing The Doctor, The Master and Ethan Hunt.

  • "This isn't my life anymore, Mulder. I'm done chasing monsters in the dark". - Dana Scully's line when seeing Fox Mulder.

  • "Since you're an Alien did you ever know my Sister Samantha?" - Fox Mulder's line when seeing the Doctor.


  • "The Truth is out there Scully. I know it" - Fox Mulder's line when seeing Dana Scully

Charlie's Angels

  • "It's been years but I still remember the night they saved Christmas". -  Kelly's line when seeing Santa .
  • "Each one of you is unique Doctor" - Kelly's line when seeing the Doctor. 
  • "I think you need special joints" - Kelly's line when seeing Iron Man , Cyberman , a Cybernaut or Cyborg.
  • "I'm into questions" - Kelly's line when seeing the Riddler.
  • "Navigating submarines. I never could get the knack" - Kelly's line when seeing Napoleon Solo , Illya Kuryakin , Ethan Hunt or James Bond (007) .
  • "Do you ever get serious?" - Kelly's line when seeing Batman .
  • "You two and Charlie, you're the only real family I have". - Kelly's line when seeing Jill Munroe & Sabrina Duncan
  • "I won't let him make me run scared''. - Kelly's line when seeing Slimer
  • "If we're gonna stand around quoting Shakespeare, it's gonna be a very tedious day". - Kelly's line when seeing Bill and Ted.
  • "Wow Jill great dis... oh!!! it's you Supergirl sorry" - Kelly's line when seeing Supergirl. 
  • "Right on schedule, stewardess Duncan". - Jill's line when seeing Sabrina Duncan.
  • "Ooh!!!, faster than Roy Rogers!" - Jill's line when seeing Sonic the Hedgehog . 
  • "Our limping friend". - Jill's line when seeing Kelly Garrett
  • "You have way of being suddenly very direct..." - Jill's line when seeing Ethan Hunt .  
  • "What about your present? Were there serious problems?" - Jill's line when seeing Santa . 
  • "You know, my goosebumps are so big I can't tell which ones are the real me". - Jill's line when entering any mech or seeing a big character. 
  • "I find that hard to believe, everywhere you go, you're constantly surrounded by women" - Jill's line when seeing either Templeton (Faceman) Peck or James Bond (007) . 
  • "Kris, I love you, you're my sister, please back off" - Jill's line when seeing her Sister Kris Munroe
  • "Now, what's your name?" - Sabrina's line when seeing the Doctor.
  • "Sure, squash me like a pancake" - Sabrina's line when entering any Mech or seeing a giant character.
  • "If I have to hear one more magic joke... " - Sabrina's line when seeing a magic character.
  • "Somebody bailed out of here in a hurry". - Sabrina's line when seeing Rex Fury 

Christmas Chaos

  • "I hope you're not a Robot Santa" - The Twelfth Doctor's line to Santa

  •   "Rudolph with your nose so bright won't you guide my Sleigh Tonight?" - When riding Rudolph

  •   "I'm putting you on the Naughty List" - When in combat and seeing Bart Simpson.

  • "Save some of those Doughnuts for me Homer". - Santa's when seeing Homer Simpson. 
  •    "Hello dear" -  Santa's line when seeing Mrs Santa

  • "Yeti Good to see you"  -  Santa's when seeing Yeti

  • "It's a Yeti!!" - The Second Doctor's line when seeing Yeti .
  • "Hey Santa, do you need my help?"  - Yeti's line when seeing Santa
  • "Cousin Bigfoot???" - Yeti's line when seeing Chewbacca
  • "It's been years but I still remember the night they saved Christmas". -  Kelly's line when seeing Santa . 

Doctor Who (The Master)

  • "Doctor, my congratulations, you're just in time for the end!"

- The Master (Geoffrey Beevers) line when seeing the Doctor

  • "Killing you once was never enough for me, Doctor. gratifying to do it three times over.

- The Master (Anthony Ainley)'s line when seeing The Doctor

  • "I have wasted all my lives because of YOU, Doctor! Now I'll be rid of you".

- The Master (Eric Roberts) line when seeing The Doctor.

  • "If The Doctor Can be young and Strong than so can I"

- The Master (Derek Jacobi) 's line when seeing The Doctor. 

  • "Now it ends, Doctor! NOW, IT ENDS!"

- The Master (John Simm) 's line when seeing The Doctor.    

The Man From Uncle

- James Bond (George Lazenby)  's line when seeing Napoleon Solo.  

  • "Open Chanel D" - Napoleon Solo's line when hacking terminals.
  • "Well I'm afraid gentlemen, in my position and at my time of life, that's much too long to wait".  '- Alexander Waverly when seeing Mother

Captain Scarlet

  • "If we get out of this, I'll buy you all the coconuts you can eat!"

- Scarlet's line when seeing Homer Simpson  

  • "What's the verdict Doctor?"

- Captain Scarlet's line when seeing The Doctor or Doc Brown 

  • "Well your first big Assignment I wish you luck"

- Captain Scarlet's line when seeing Batman and Batman (Adam West)

  • "Ok Captain you don't stand a chance"

- Captain Blue's line when seeing Captain Black & Captain Indigo

  • "It's great to have you back on duty Captain Scarlet"

- Captain Blue's line when seeing Captain Scarlet  

  • "Come and get me Earth Man!!!"

- Captain Indigo's boss fight line.


  • "Who are you and how on Earth did you get in here?. This a top secret Government Facility!!!"

- Lester when seen meeting Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf and suspecting them of being Intruders or possibly working for Helen.

  • "Even your power is no match for me and the Anomalies".

- Helen Cutter's line when seeing Cosmic Boy .

  • "Together we will conquer all of Time and use the power of the Anomalies to destroy all of Humanity"

- Helen Cutter's line when seeing Missy and The Master. 

  • Ah ha!!! you're responsible for the Anomalies surely".

- Helen Cutter's line when seeing The Doctor, Doc Brown, Marty McFly and Bill and Ted. 

  • "Well well well you again!!!".

-Helen Cutter's line when seeing Abby Temple , Connor Temple and Jenny Miller

  • "Hey Jenny what has Lester tasked us with this time?"

- Abby's line when seeing Jenny Miller

  • "Connor" thank goodness you're here".

- Abby's line when seeing Connor Temple .

  • "We could use you to monitor the creatures in the ARC".

- Abby's line when seeing Owen Grady and ACU.   

  • Helen Cutter who else could be responsible for this mess?"

- Abby's line when seeing Helen Cutter. 

  • "Time can be rewritten Jenny. I know about you being Claudia Brown"

- The 12th Doctor's line when seeing Jenny Miller. 

- Connor's line when seeing Abby Temple

  • "Abby are you ready for this?"

  • "Abby nice to see you again. How's Rex ?"

- Jenny's line when seeing Abby Temple  

  • "Got anything useful Connor?"

-Jenny's line when seeing Connor Temple   

  • "​You're a Doctor of what exactly?"

- Jenny's line when seeing the Doctor or Doc Brown 

  • "You will pay for killing Nick Helen!!!"

- Jenny's line when seeing Helen Cutter

  • "You remind me of an old friend of mine"

- Connor's line when seeing Owen Grady 

  • "Typical it's always Helen's fault"

- Connor's line when seeing Helen Cutter



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