Here's a list of franchise ideas that should not be featured in LEGO Dimensions in the future due to some reasons, but this is not official.

NOTE: I only include rejected franchises to LEGO Dimensions in this blog that are violent, inappropriate, graphic, controversial, religious and offensive which are against the LEGO Policy, but I removed some franchises that saying competitors, everything from Disney and Nickelodeon (To be honest if they want them to put, please let them), licensed by other brands (MEGA Bloks, Kre-O, K'Nex, others), foreign franchises, and some pointless things such as saying too girly and boring in this blog post. Now, calling each franchise that should not in LEGO Dimensions with some stupid and pointless things like that such as boring and too girly is considered disrespectful to it's creator which is true.

Team America World Police (To be honest, this film has a lot of inappropriate referencs. Plus its violent)

Just Cause (Violence and an M-rated video game which reminds me of GTA series)

Mercenaries 2: World of Flames (Violence and war)

Final Destination - Could give little kids some nightmares plus very violent.

Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, others - Very violent and LEGO does not promote military and war themes.

Manhunt - Very violent.

Crysis - Same as above.

Medal of Honor - violent and war.

The Conjouring - Violent and can give nightmares

Twisted Metal, Carmaggedon, Vigilante 8 - Violence against pedestrians.

Resident Evil - Violence.

Silent Hill - Same as above.

Anything MLG related - This is very inappropriate which is the most famous of the following (Weed, Illuminati, Gun or any weapon sounds (which are mostly from Call of Duty), loud insults)

Counter Strike (Too violent due to some players outside US can learn to commit crimes)

Breaking Bad (Very inappropriate to LEGO)

Orange is the New Black (Inappropriate)

War Commander (Kixeye will sue LEGO Dimensions, plus its violent which shows dead bodies of infantry units that are eaten by crows once if they get killed)

Mad Max - violence and weapons.

The Expandibles - violent

Killer Instinct - Violent than Mortal Kombat.

Command & Conquer - Besides Tiberium Wars and Red Alert series which they are mixed sci-fi and modern warfare, but Generals could be more controversial which still banned in China permantly. Also a German release was censored due to any references to real life warfare and politics plus all the images of real people was changed into cyborgs.

Postal - Violence, Blood, Gore, Racism, and animal cruelty.

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