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    1. The ending song jokingly and mockingly references Black Mesa. Songwriter Jonathan Coulton also namedrops another of his popular songs, "I Feel Fantastic".Black Mesa is also referenced in several slide shows left running in staff areas that are accessible or at least you can see into easily.
    2. Doug Rattmann's den in the Companion Cube level also contains a rather well-hidden shout out to Isaac Asimov's short story "Escape". His dens all have some poems altered to include cubes and the like. Here is a full list of the graffiti drawings.
    3. Delicious and moist" cake was originally a joke in Psychonauts.
    4. In the testing room for military androids, GLaDOS's dialogue implies that robots and androids are programmed with a belief in "Android Hell" in…
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  • Stefano iulli
    • Back in the future
    1. Perhaps a little bit sillier, but there is no more uncomfortable situation than having to try and curtail your teenage mother's persistent sexual advances.
    2. The scene where Marty almost fades from existence. Seriously, just imagine what it would feel like to see your own hand fade away and realize that this is the end. And since you're being erased from existence, not killed, that means if there is an afterlife, you're not going to it, because your consciousness and all your memories will be non-existent. Thetense music in that scene really does help to sell the horror of it all.Bad enough that you fade completely away from time and memory, the fact that you go through the worst pain you've ever felt in your life adds to it…
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