• Trainguy111

    These are ideas for quotes Bart should use in Lego Dimensions should TT games decide to give him some dialog. All this is based on a forum I did on the official Lego website.

    "Woah, mama!" -When Bart sees Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Wyldstyle, Chell, and Nya.

    "Cowabunga, dude!" -when riding the hoverboard

    "Nope." -when Bart is unable to solve a puzzle

    "I'm outta here." -when Bart leaves

    "Eat my shorts." -when fighting

    "Shouldn't you be at work?" -Bart when he sees Homer

    "Look at that hunk-a-junk!" -Bart when riding the dalek

    "I'm Bart Simpson." -when Bart enters the game

    "Oww! Quit it!" -when revived

    Bart: Hey, wait. How can you be here when your show's on live?

    Krusty: Ah, I just threw on an old rerun. No one will know the difference.

    -when Bart sees Kr…

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